Dany Alza ND
Dany Alza is a specialized personal trainer, ELDOA practitioner (Level 4) and certified naturopath, Dany is unique in his kind.
He is educated and inspired by athletic conditioning, somatic conditioning, posturology, yoga, calisthenics and naturopathy.

Over the last 15 years, he has studied and worked directly with world renowned specialists in their field like Paul Gagné, Christian Limoges and Guy Voyer, to name a few.

This has led him to develop a unique approach to creating personalized wellness plans by inspiring people whilst modifying their behaviour to accompany them towards a healthier lifestyle.
Dany creates simple and effective programs unique to everyone that can be executed at home, outdoors or at a gym in order to facilitate maximum growth.

Also a rehabilitation specialist, he will focus on fixing imbalances and weaknesses in order for the body to heal itself and maximize potential.
A deeper knowledge of the healing process will be achieved by examining the body as a whole instead of fragmented pieces. Through his personal y practices and teachings, Dany has developed a holistic and in-depth awareness, allowing him to gain a greater awareness of the mind and body relationship.

Experienced in naturopathy, Dany will also share with you his knowledge of how our body’s vital energy contains the potential to heal and regenerate itself. This power can be harnessed through conscious dietary and lifestyle choices as well as using the resources provided by nature. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person are used to help reach equilibrium in all aspects of a life.

The interdisciplinary stratification of Dany’s passions and specializations have led him to collect a wealth of knowledge that will help assist you on your path to wellness. By combining Posturology, Naturopathy and SomaTraining you will achieve supreme and optimal heath allowing you to break through previous limitations and restrictions.

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